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Why kintone ?

Adapt to Business Changes On the Fly

Leverage business division people's intelligence to reach new levels of productivity.

At the first glance of the application, you can confirm and utilize the shared space, announcement, and bulletin board. It is also possible to change the design on your own.

By sharing recorded daily reports, activity reports, etc. it is possible to monitor information through kintone anytime, anywhere, as long as there is internet connection.

In addition to English and Japanese, of course it is also possible to use the application in Bahasa or any other language by editing the imported template.

In this featured "Space", it is possible to exchange data, bulletin board, and application by inviting other companies that is already using kintone.

It is possible to get notification through e-mail and mobile app by turning on notification for schedule, reminders, and when there's a change in status.

All communications are encrypted with SSL.

Many templates are provided for your convenience. Additionally, it is easy to customize the templates.

Anyone can easily make convenient application for managing internal operations such as HR management, sales management, daily report, expenses, vacation request, inventory management, cloud management, etc.

You can set application/request, approval/authorization, remand, and pause functions in each application easily. Since it is possible to operate on smartphones, authorization process will not be delayed even during business trip or when you're out of the office.

It is easy to create graphs and charts from records. It is possible to switch between bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs with one click.

It is possible to manage massive data in the application as database. It is also possible to easily analyze accumulated data using graphs and charts.

By setting the authorization, it is possible to share necessary information to selected personnel. Moreover, by managing data on kintone, it is possible to prevent human error that prone to happen in excel, etc.

By setting the flow, multiple personnel can input and manage the record. Since it is possible to operate on smartphones, it is possible for those who are abroad, on a business trip, or out of the office to work smoothly.

It is also made possible to customize advance features by customizing with Java Script.

By linking kintone mobile application (Android/iPhone), it is possible to upload pictures, application/request, approval/authorizaion, comment, edit records, etc. from your smartphone.

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